Insider John’s Binary App-810


I just saw this video with a guy named John Callaghan. Well… I didn’t JUST see it, a friend of mine gave me a call to tell me about it because it’s THAT important.

I’m at the mall and can you believe that Christmas decorations are already up? When I saw the video… haha …well, the concept kinda made me think this guy is Santa Claus.

Go check this out:

Insider John’s Binary App-810

The first thing I have to say is that this guy is probably insane… he’s invented a piece of software that runs automatically and it’s probably the greatest example of automated wealth generation that I’ve ever seen!

I’m actually still sitting in a shoe store with my iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard… but after watching this video, I had to tell you about it right away. (I’m not buying shoes – my girlfriend dragged me along)

Phone call – give me a second ( I don’t know why I typed that )

By the nose of Rudolph himself! That was my buddy, Mark. He’s just seen the video too. He’s going crazy! He’s downloaded the software and he’s up $1000 already!

I’ll be back – let me make a few calls… watch the video in the meantime.

I think the internet’s about to break! Everyone’s talking about John’s software!

I called my guys – Dave, Stan and Don, and they’re all on this stuff already!

Check your inbox – you’ll probably see more emails about this guy!

It’s called App-810 – I’ll try to summarize:

- $2,200 a day
- Made $95k in under two months
- Made $130k in two months
- Made $140k in just over two months (These are competitions he entered the software into)
- Fully automated
- No intervention needed, plug and play, set and forget
- Just download and let it rip
- Even works on mobile devices via the web

See here:

Binary App 810

Okay, I’ve got to go home and try this for myself.

But before I do that… I had a longer chat with Don than I did with everyone else. He says that he’s known John for a while now.

Apparently this App-810 has been around for over two years already.

And that’s not all, Don says that John invited him and his wife on a thing he calls the “Vacation Extravaganza”.

After you’ve used his software for a couple of months, if you let John put your profit statement on his website then he’ll take you and a partner on an all-expenses-paid vacation to a tropical island!

How amazing is THAT?

I don’t know about you but I’m going to sign up the minute I get home!

insider johns binaryapp 810 review

It gets better though… he’s not charging for the software until you’ve used it for two months and shown him that you’ve made money with it!

He’s so confident that it’s the shizzle… haha… that he wants you to pay for your license with profits you’ve made from using it!

His claim is that you’ll make 20-30 times what it costs within your first two months!

Look, I don’t know this guy personally, but I think he must have some pretty big brass knockers to make that claim.

The weird thing is that my bro’s have already started using this thing and they’re vouching for John!

He’s pretty much giving it away – what have you got to lose?

Get a copy here:

Hey, it can’t hurt to give it a whirl. I’ll write you back when I play with it myself and see what it does, but go ahead in the meantime. Write me back if it’s everything he says it is.

Worst case scenario we get a free holiday, right?

Catch you later

Legal Insider Bot Review

Binary option trading is becoming more and more popular as people learn about it. It is similar to stock or foreign exchange trading, but a lot simpler.

With the advent of techonology, it is not longer required to slave away for weeks at night after work and learn the hard way. Nowadays you can just let the professionals do it for you. This is done via automatic trading robots, called bots.

Greg Marks, a professional Hedge Fund trader, is willing to insure your trading up to $500,000 if you let his bot do the job… This is unheard of in an industry known for its thieves and charlatans.

Legal Insider Bot makes a lot of promises on it sales page. No the least of which is a guarantee from the brokers that if you lose your losses are insured ! It sounds a bit crazy but it is true.

You literally have nothing to lose. That is how confident Greg Mark and his team is about the robustness of the Legal Insider Bot. provides an excellent review of the product to give you some more information, if you need any, before you make your decision. Launch date is 12 August 2013. Make sure you register on the early bird list. Spots are very limited and will sell out quick. Offers this good do not come along very often.

Video Production Basics

Videos are an excellent tool of the modern marketer. They allow the potential customer to sit back and absorb information regarding your products or services with both visual and audio queues. This has been proven to enable people better retention of ideas and products. Often just hearing the song that was playing during an advert immediately brings to mind the product associated with it. The main problem with video marketing beginners is the quality of the production. Nothing can make a person switch a video quicker than poor image or sound quality, shakey or fast moving camera work, or simply a video that is too long and drawn out. The modern consumers has more videos at the their fingertips than they could watch in 100 lifetimes. They only need 1 simple reason to become annoyed with your video and search for something new on Youtube. MonkeySee are expert video producers and below is a video with some excellent tips for beginners on how to produce a high quality video that can be used for any purposes.

Offline Marketing For Online Business

Do not underestimate the effectiveness of traditional marketing methods, they were successful for businesses before the invention of the internet, and if implemented correctly, can be an effective supplementary method for businesses in the modern online marketing environment. A lot can be said for something that the consumer can hold in their hands, read, hand off to family members and share with friends. It is vitally important though, that the correct strategies are implemented. Not everything works. Pete Williams, sometimes described as the Richard Branson of Australia, teaches what he considers to be fundamental marketing strategies for any successful business. If you if are not using offline techniques to generate new revenue, you are leaving money on the table. For every person online searching for your services, there are people who don’t search, who are just as likely to use your products or services. This is a huge untapped marketplace for your and your business.

Offline Marketing…. Is It Dead?

Many people run an online business with only one path to market. And that path is the internet. For hundreds of years before the internet was invented people ran successful business marketing solely using offline marketing techniques. Not all of these techniques may be suitable for the modern day internet business, but many of them can be, even if they have to be manipulated a little. Many people use videos to advertise their business or services. Below is an excellent video from 6 Strong Media explaining a couple of way that you can share your videos, using offline techinques.

Good SEO is key to a successful, modern local business website

Good SEO is a key to a successful, modern local business

If you run your own local business, how many times have you asked yourself what exactly is missing? Why do you work so hard every single day, every week, every month, and you still struggle to attract new customers? Running a business is really stressful and hard job to handle, and often, even though you are trying very hard, you spend more then you earn.
Today, the key to your success is a really good and carefully planned online (internet) marketing campaign. There are several ways to advertise online. You can inform people about your services or brand via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. You can also send e-mail news letters. The most important part of your online marketing for sure is your website.
If you still are among the minority who haven’t built a website for the business yet, the true and really significant question is, what are you waiting for? To do this, you will have to hire an expert in the field of web design and creation. Your site should have around ten different pages, and must contain important information about services you are providing, or about the brand you are selling. Navigation should be simple, so do not try to complicate things too much. People tend to confuse when they see a lot of unnecessary information on one place. Design should be likable, and leave that to the designer of the website. Make sure to provide your phone numbers, address (with Google maps, so the customers can find you easily), prices of services or products.
When the website is prepared, the next big thing, and probably the most important thing is SEO – search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a very significant tool that will for sure improve your business if it’s done properly. Through the keywords included in your website, people will find your site very easily, if a professional provided high quality SEO. Ranking your website in the search engines will attract and increase new visitors to your site. If you are asking how they will choose to visit your site? It is simple. When optimisation is done properly, your website will pop up on the first page of your potential customer’s search. If your website is on the first or on the second page of the web search, client’s will visit your web site, and if he or she likes what is there, they will visit your store.
Make sure to find a professional who will provide the best possible search engine optimization, in order to improve your business ranking. The results will sometimes take a few weeks to become evident, but do not doubt in this – they will amaze you. Your business will be very much improved, and all of a sudden, life will seem much better! If you require a new website, or optimization of your current site, please visit our friends SEO GOLD COAST for all your online needs.